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Free Wheelin' Car in Warren Vermont 4th of July Parade

Free Transportation in Waitsfield, Fayston,
Moretown and Warren, Vermont


No Car? No License? Can't Drive?

How are you supposed to get to a doctor's appointment if you don't have a car or if you don't have a license? What if you have both but are recovering from an illness and don't feel well enough to drive? Maybe you broke your hip or had knee replacement surgery. What then? How are you going to get groceries or drop in at the Mad River Valley Community Pantry, get to a hair salon or the post office? How will you meet your friends for lunch or special events with the Mad River Seniors?

Call Free Wheelin' For a Ride

When you are living in as rural a location as the Mad River Valley, transportation is vital. Free Wheelin' came to the rescue of many of our Valley's seniors in June 2019 and we have given more and more rides ever since. Today we average 100 per month. That's 5 a day.  


Now don't get us wrong. This is no taxi service. We're not here to drive you to the airport or pick you up at a bar. No. We are here to serve the transportation needs of seniors in the Mad River Valley first. We are also pleased to offer our rides to anyone else in the Valley who is without transportation for doctor's appointments or necessities.


* Waitsfield Family Medicine

* Waterbury Medical Center

* CVMC Berlin

* UVM Medical Burlington

* Dartmouth-Hitchcock

* Orthopedics Center

* Physical Therapy

* Dentist


* Mehuron's Market

* Shaw's Grocery Store

* MRV Community Pantry

* Waitsfield Village Grocery

* Waterbury Village Market

* Kinney Drugs

* Bisbee's Ace Hardware

* Hunger Mountain Co-op

* Evergreen Place 

* Post Office

* Hair Salon

* Barber Shop

* Nail Salon

* Attorney's Office

* Accountant's Office

* Financial Planner's Office


Monday thru Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm

We Do Not Drive On Weekends

Monday thru Friday

9:00am to 1:00pm

Two Days Notice Required

Leave a Message On Weekends

We understand that there are exceptions and do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. We have an emergency number on our voicemail message.

We do not make any guarantees but if a driver has claimed a ride, you can be confident about having transportation. We will let you know of any issues lining up a driver. When schools close because of bad weather, we don't drive.


Our drivers are local volunteers who are not always available. We appreciate your understanding. Please consider driving for us.

Free Wheelin' is operated by Mad River Seniors, a non-profit organization that depends on funding through donations from the community. Please consider a donation to keep the wheels turning. Our seniors will genuinely appreciate it!

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