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Free Wheelin' is very happy to have a Subaru Forester for transportation thanks to generous donations from the community. But we could always use more drivers. 

How Does It Work?

We connect folks who need a ride with capable, caring drivers who transport them in our vehicle or the driver's own car. A dispatcher manages the online ride schedule using a system generously provided to us from a local web developer. Email is the primary form of communication about ride requests and ride updates.

Who are Free Wheelin' Drivers?

Free Wheelin’ drivers are friends and neighbors from our community – people just like you! Volunteers between the ages of 30 and 75 may be able to be insured to drive our cars. Volunteers are also welcome and encouraged to use their own vehicle. We reimburse for mileage based on the current federal mileage reimbursement rate.

What Kind of Commitment Is It?

You choose your commitment based on what works best for you! You can drive every day, once each week or only every now and then. Our calendar is updated every day, and you can claim a ride based on your availability and interest. Claiming a ride is as simple as clicking a button in an email. 


CALL (802) 249-3427

Contact us to learn more about being a volunteer driver for Free Wheelin' or read the
Free Wheelin' Drivers Welcome Guide for more information. 


If you can't drive with us, we hope you'll consider donating to Free Wheelin'

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